Sunday, 1 February 2015

Kaffghan Blues

I've spent January trying to finish the Kaffe Fassett/Rowan Knit-along. I was up-to-date all along with the actual knitting, but events conspired against me during the sewing-up.  Then TMOH went for some tests. Nothing we didn't already know about showed up, but his reaction to one of the procedures was horrifying and could have even been life-threatening. This was compounded by the fact that he reacted badly to the antibiotic they gave him 'in case' he got an infection. Ten days on, he is on the mend, with a different antibiotic - he's had to stop another of his regular meds while on this, as it is contra-indicated! - but with one thing and another I have missed the deadline for Rowan's competition. All the sewing-up was finished last night - and if 31 Jan had been the deadline, as originally indicated, I might just have made it, but they made the deadline 30th, so no chance. And I have still to do a trim, so I can't with all honesty say it is finished yet.

But here it is in its current state...I have sewn all the ends in - the rogue piece of yarn peeking out from under the edge of the blanket is actually from a spare ball of wool under the sofa! [and the length on the arm of the sofa leads to the ball I'm working the trim with...]

And here it is with crochet edging on the spare bed.


  1. Wow! That is fantastic! Are the squares knit on the diagonal, if that makes sense?

  2. Yes. Cast on 2 sts, increase in each st to 4 ... etc. then increasing not quite regularly 3 rows in every 4 to 54 stitches, one knit row of 54 sts and start decreasing again. All the while doing the stripes as set by the pattern - which is a Rowan one, linked form my Ravelry project page. Naturally I didn't particularly like the 'official' layout so did it differently.

  3. Colours are more muted in this photo than they seem in real life. I've finished the border now, not got round to taking another pic yet.

  4. Lovely - and I would go completely round the bed if I tried to do something like it. Chapeau!