Thursday 25 April 2024

75 - How did that happen?

Having reached such a venerable age(!) I thought a family party would be fun, so 40 or so family, including 10 children, plus 3 friends, gathered at the Field Restaurant at Udder Farm for a spread. 

The children could play outside as it was a beautiful day, and we had a section of the restaurant partitioned off so the rest of us could mingle and chat.

It was lovely to see cousins from both sides of the family, and I think a good time was had by all. No photos of the children here of course, though some were taken and will be sent to their parents.

Mr Bufo and I felt very pleased with the day!

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Everyone's going to the Moon

Today we went to the moon! Or, rather more prosaically, we saw the moon art installation at Winchester Cathedral. We were in plenty of time for the bus to Winchester - which was, of course, late - and as we so often do, got off at West Gate and walked down. The advantage of this is that Warrens the stationers - appropriately just below Staple Gardens (although I am sure that is named from the Wool Staple rather than the office type of staple) - was able to sell us some bulldog paper clips and some rather good cards for upcoming birthdays.

It was a treat to see the cathedral nave without its chairs. I know they clear it every year, but I've never managed to visit at the right time before.

The moon installation is most impressive, and we sat and looked at it for quite a while. They use NASA images and it is remarkably accurate and 'lifelike'.

While we were there the choir began a practice, which was an added bonus, starting with a run-through of 'Dear Lord and Father of Mankind' - probably to warm themselves up - and then a Kyrie, and some other pieces they were obviously still learning. They were still singing when we had walked all round the east end ambulatory and down the south aisle to the exit door.  

I was sad the crypt isn't open at the moment, as I always like to pay my respects to the Anthony Gormley man standing down there. My late friend Nicky and I always went to say hello to him if we went into the cathedral on our regular coffee/lunch meetings. But apparently the recent wet weather means the crypt is too deeply under water to allow people in, so the door was firmly shut. (Adding later that I may have mistaken the door, and didn't investigate further because I had read the FB post about flooding closing the crypt).

We also went into M&S, where I didn't see anything I wanted, but Mr Bufo found something he needed, which was useful as he had a £10 voucher, and we bought some of their bread. Then we went to Robert Dyas, who couldn't provide what we wanted, and a hardware store in George Street, that did have it.

A bit of a pull up the hill then to Jewry Street, where we had booked lunch for 12.30 at Brasserie Blanc. We were a bit early, but our table was available. Very good lunch on their 'half price mains' offer and because we were a bit early starting, we were out in time for the 14.05 bus back to Romsey, rather than having to wait for the 14.50, which is always full of schoolchildren. The bus stop is conveniently just a few yards along Jewry Street from the restaurant.

Sunday 14 January 2024

New Year, New Post

- If only to get the 'Blogs I follow' list up the page a bit by hiding all of last year's posts!

Cold and sunshine today, so after half an hour trying to cut things back in the garden, about to sit with my crochet (see pic for current project) and watch the snooker final. Just a few more rows of the border to do, but waiting for another ball of one colour I have just run out of to be able to finish completely.

Thursday 14 December 2023

Season's Greetings

 It's time ...

To wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year our charity in lieu of sending commercial cards (we send a few we've printed out with this picture on) is Macmillan Cancer Support. The photo was taken by Mr Bufo in the Capability Brown Chapel at Compton Verney this year.

Monday 2 October 2023

And Now we're past the Equinox

Autumn is upon us, and although I haven't done much blogging, I have been fairly busy. The 'Heirloom' blanket is finished, and another is being worked out.

Two more reprinted EJO books have been prepared for publication - one is already out and one currently at the printers, with more to do for next year, so no let-up on that front.

One of the summer highlights was a rail trip to Dartmouth. We joined the train at Romsey early one Saturday morning, and were diesel hauled to Taunton. Then 'Sir Nigel Gresley' took us to Kingswear via Exeter and Paignton, and our tickets included the ferry crossing to Dartmouth. We took a picnic lunch and were served fizz, unlimited coffees or teas, and a 'snack box' each both morning and afternoon. 

That was so generous that we almost could have managed without taking anything of our own, but Mr Bufo's quiches are well worth the carrying. We managed to park at Romsey station all day for just over £2, so when we were finally dropped off again at about 9.30 in the evening, it was just a quick drive home - and a lovely day!

We'll be doing our usual end of season trip to Cleeve Abbey soon, and the year will be over before we know it!

Wednesday 7 June 2023

On the way to Summer

Part of the 'Making Mischief' folk costume exhibition

We have just returned from our first real expedition of the year. An attempt at a weekend away in April was marred as we arrived by Mr Bufo having as spectacular a fall as I had suffered in February, including an evening in A&E - this time in Taunton! 

So it was several weeks before we felt confident enough to attempt another foray. But the Folk costume exhibition we had wanted to see since it opened in February would be finishing on 11 June, so we had to do something about it. We had been to Compton Verney before, nearly 10 years ago, so knew it was worth a visit for its own sake, and found a nearby Mercure Hotel, Walton Hall, so that we could take a fairly gentle drive up on Wednesday afternoon, see the exhibition on Thursday morning, and come home that afternoon. All of which worked as planned, we also managed to see a friend who lives nearby for dinner at the hotel on the Wednesday evening, and although tired afterwards, we felt we'd had a good time. The exhibition was well worth the trip, but the restoration of the Georgian chapel, and the rehang of the permanent folk collections were also good to see.

Motif 3 (of 6 designs)

More crochet has been accomplished on the Heirloom blanket, but plenty more to do. I'm currently nearly finished all 8 of Motif 4, have done 8 Motif 1; 9 Motif 2; & 8 Motif 3 (shown here)

The latest flower delivery was peonies, which don't last long, but are lovely while they do.

And once again we have a good crop of strawberries; this was the first picking - about a week later than last year's.

We'll soon be off Somerset again for the last ever Cleeve weekend.

Tuesday 21 March 2023

First Day of Spring?

Heirloom blanket

Not a great deal to say - recovering from a rather spectacular fall on my face, which thankfully managed not to break my nose, or a tooth, or a wrist! but made a mess of my face for a while, though it has healed well. 

Was attracted to a new blanket, in hexagons, and have made a good start as can be seen above. There will be 8 of this design, and 8 or 9 each of several others, but so far I've nearly finished all of this type.

Trying to arrange the usual seasonal visits to Somerset and Sussex, but neither of us have been well enough for long enough to be confident about actually booking anything yet. The weather hasn't been great either, despite 'them' telling is it was the driest February in a long time. By contrast March has been quite wet.