Thursday, 29 November 2012

What a Shower [but I can't use it yet!]

We're nearly there! Y finished work last night. Everything is in, except that we need to go and get a new loo roll holder tomorrow, as the old one really doesn't suit the room as it now is.

But the outside waste pipe has been replaced - we knew it was split, and had been leaking into the carport for ages - and we can't run any water into the top hopper until the jointing has dried ... so I still can't have a shower until tomorrow morning. 

It's a good job we were away in France last weekend, staying in a hotel with beautiful facilities, or you'd be beginning to smell us from wherever you are!!

So here are a few pictures of what things look like now ...

[We still need to get a new blind, too]

Update Friday - still haven't got the blind, but we successfully purchased a new bathroom cabinet and loo roll holder. We should be able to get them fitted over the weekend, with a bit of luck...and I did have a lovely shower this morning!! 

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