Thursday, 13 September 2012

Help! Where did August go?

Just a quick post today, as I'm about to go out to the theatre.

But good news on the dishwasher front! I eventually called the manufacturers, who sent along a Man. The Man pressed various buttons and water rushed around; he looked under the sink and twiddled the outlet hose.

And he announced that probably the problem was the way the outlet hose was fitted to the 'space-saver' waste pipe under the sink; that he'd altered the angle of the bit the dishwasher hose was attached to, and used some 'cable clips' to keep it in place. Then he drank a cup of coffee ["Two sugars and milk, thank you very much!"] and left.

And hey presto, the next wash we did there was NO grey scummy water sloshing about in the sump, just about a teaspoonful of clear water at the bottom. Hurrah!


  1. Could you send him over to Bavorov please? My dishwasher refused to work when we arrived there in June and although googling revealed what was probably wrong I am still trying to work out how to remove the kickboard along the kitchen units (the dishwasher is built-in) without dismantling the entire run, so that I can actually get at it :-(

    1. I would If I could ... I just rang Bosch and they sent him along. My dishwasher is built-in, too, but the necesary tweak was really nothing to do with the machine itself, just the original fitter being a bit casual, I think - or hopeful!
      I suspect I am quite lucky that he was prepared to do what he did, since there was nothing actually wrong with his firm's product, and it wasn't a Bosch operative who fitted it in the first place...