Monday, 19 November 2012

Still Looless!

I knew it was tempting providence to say 'one more night...' In fact I thought as I posted yesterday's blog that it really was asking for trouble. The trouble started when Y arrived this morning, as when he tried fitting the vanity unit in its eventual position, the water feed pipes were too far out into the room, so he had to move them to get it back against the wall.

Then he realised that he needed to do part of the bath panelling before he could fit it in anyway, as there would be no way to get to it once the unit was in place. He's making the bath panel, at my suggestion, from vertical 'planks' of the flooring material, which will look much better than a plastic moulded panel. It will also allow a door in the panel at the tap end, to get to the isolators if we ever need any work done in future.

This afternoon I went out for a massage. After an hour of blissful relaxation I returned. Another problem. The loo seat broke as Y was fitting it. It is - naturally [!] - of a kind that needs to be fitted before the loo itself is plumbed in. 

 So ... another night of plodding downstairs ... I won't attempt to prophesy whether it will be the last. Latest photos from this evening, after he had gone. You can at least see progress! The one at top right shows a bit of the bath panelling. 
[You may need to click on the picture to get a clearer view - I've just realised this is possible!]

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